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Crash course

The fastest way to create Web applications in Python.

   To master the technology, only basic knowledge of Python (syntax and fundamental concepts) is required.


   No familiarity or comprehension of HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript (TypeScript), REST, Websockets, and all frameworks for front-end and back-end web programming is necessary.


   In just 1 hour, you will fully grasp an advanced technology encompassing a suite of components for data manipulation, including tables, trees, graphs, charts, images, and videos. It features built-in hot-reload for rapid development and interface visualization, as well as automatic diagnostics of application logic and description correctness. It comes with documentation and is licensed under the Apache license for usage.

UNISI Basis.

Main concepts of UNISI, installation, and launch. Creation of blocks, screens and their parameters and variables.


GUI and data elements.

Button and click handler. Info and Error message windows. Toggle, switch elements. Editing of strings, numbers. Universal event handler. Range, Select, Image, Tree elements. Table, chart elements and events. Graph and linking of elements. ParamBlock for editing multiple parameters. Screen toolbar.


UNISI services.

Autotest service. Autoconfig, Autologging, and multi-user support. Schema autocheck and shared sessions. REST and Unified Remote API.

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