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About the founder.

Georgii Dernovyi is an ideologist and developer of UNISI Tech, a programmer and researcher in AI and NLP, an inventor, the winner of the 'Simple and Perfect' inventors' competition organized by PHILIPS in Ukraine in November 2006.


  For an inventor, the perfect system is one that necessitates no investment in programming, design, or maintenance, and is capable of seamlessly functioning across any language and platform without necessitating adjustments.

While mastering individual tools like Vue/React, JavaFX, Python PyQt, Spring, Django, etc., may not pose significant challenges, effectively interfacing with a multitude of software in a straightforward and refined manner, devoid of concerns regarding user-OS/browser/platform/protocol intricacies, presents an insurmountable challenge for such tools.

 I harbored no desire to continually acquaint myself with new frameworks each time I shifted programming languages, encountering novel obstacles and cluttering my thought process. Instead, I aspired to solely focus on programming my specific task, unfettered by the complexities and issues inherent in frameworks.

  The main aim was to create a system accommodating major languages, with consistent interfaces for data and internal services, and being programmable in the simplest manner for web GUI. After accomplishing this objective and deploying the system for production use across different companies for tasks encompassing AI, administrative tasks, fintech, and medicine, it became clear that the system's optimal design enabled the easy and graceful integration of numerous additional services and functionalities. Some of these capabilities are inherently unachievable through alternative technologies within a reasonable timeframe.

    Standard services were discovered to be highly automatable, to the extent that the user-programmer doesn't need to be aware of their presence to effectively utilize them. The emphasis was placed on developing an intelligent system that demands minimal knowledge and comprehension of intricacies from the programmer.

   The capability to impart fundamental features to a novice programmer within just one hour of lecture time stands as compelling evidence of UNISI's advanced efficiency.

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