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Unified System Interface

Provided functionality without programming


  • Automatic WEB GUI

  • Unified Remote API

  • Automatic configuring

  • Auto logging

  • Multi-user support

  • Hot reloading and updating

  • Integral autotesting

  • Protocol schema auto validation

  • Shared sessions

  • Monitoring and profiling

The fastest way to create Web applications in Python.

After watching a one-hour video you can fully master the advanced technology, featuring built-in Hot-reload for rapid development and visualization of interfaces, as well as automatic diagnosis of application logic and required services, with documentation and Apache license for usage. You will be able to independently create multi-user, multi-screen applications with a pleasant interface and functionality of any complexity within minutes or hours, which other frameworks and technologies require days and weeks for, not to mention extensive learning. 


Let's let UNISI do all the boring work

UNISI provides a unified system interface and advanced program functionality, eliminating the need for front-end and most back-end programming. It automates common tasks, as well as unique ones, significantly reducing the necessity for manual programming and effort. It uses a data projection principle like in Angular, Vue, React, but simpler and smarter.


Modern and fully automatic GUI for your applications

UNISI creates multi-user, multi-screen applications with a pleasant interface  that can operate on data of any type. Set of GUI components includes Tables, Trees, Graphs, Charts, Images, Videos, Blocks and more. The screenshot is from the standard Vision UNISI module.

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